Nothing’s quite as frightening as reading a long list of chemicals on the back of the products we consume daily. With BBQ season finally here, the last thing your readers should have to worry about is chemicals in their grilling charcoal!
That said, introducing you to The Good Charcoal Company – a disruptive brand dedicated to changing the charcoal industry for the better.
Currently available on ($19.99),The Good Charcoal:
  • Burns hotter, cleaner and more evenly than oak or hickory;
  • Is free of chemicals and harmful additives;
  • Is sustainably sourced from Namibia, Africa.
Good Charcoal:
The Good Charcoal burns hotter and longer than the competition, allowing you to use less charcoal for each BBQ session. You can also cook and serve food confidently knowing you’re burning pure acacia hardwood charcoal with no chemicals or additives.
Good for the Environment:
The Good Charcoal is sustainably sourced from Namibia, Africa, where bush encroachment is invasive and detrimental to wildlife and people alike. It’s the only FSC approved charcoal in the USA. According to the Forest Stewardship Council, acacia charcoal is the “greenest” form of charcoal around, since removing it from the environment has a positive effect on its surroundings.
Good for Our Communities:
As good to cook with as it is for the planet, the company aims to give back on its home turf as well – sponsoring free, weekly barbeques for those facing food insecurity across the United States. From Seattle, WA to Houston, TX and Bronx, NY, we’re making our way through the U.S. to serve up good.

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