About Us

First off: It’s “kwi-leen.” As in, “cuisine.” That’s fun, right?

For the past 20 years we have run award-winning, global culinary travel company, Access Culinary Trips. We work with extraordinary chefs from all over the world who introduce our guests to the pleasures of exploring culture through cuisine. We thought, why not bring our chefs into home kitchens via Zoom so more people can experience authentic regional cooking, and a few hours immersed in another culture, without even hopping on a plane? We called up our chefs, and they loved the idea.

So here we are! Cuiline online cooking classes bring authentic regional cuisines from all over the world into the kitchens of home cooks who want an unforgettable, fun, cooking experience.

We offer interactive, curated food experiences.

We believe food is a great connector for people and a gateway to other cultures and our chefs are experts in the culinary traditions of the regions they live in. It’s not just a class. You’re not just learning techniques. Over the course of either 90 minutes in our “favorites” series or 3 hours in our “gourmet experiences” series, you will spend a memorable afternoon meeting new people, transporting yourself to another country, learning about your chef’s culture, and cooking an entire menu of authentic regional cuisine—all from your own kitchen. And after the class, you can tuck into a beautiful meal.

We make it easy, convenient and fun.

If you book your class with the Cuiline Ingredient Kit, we’ll ship you everything you need for your class in the days leading up to it: premeasured and sometimes hard-to-find ingredients and printed, keepsake recipe cards. Customers tell us that opening our Ingredient Kit has all the excitement of the holidays! Premeasuring ingredients reduces food waste and saves you from having to buy ingredients that you may only need in small amounts. It also means you don’t need to search multiple stores to find sometimes hard to find ethnic ingredients. On the day of your class, your kitchen needs minimal prep, as most of your ingredients are in once place and ready to go.

To ensure you have a relaxing, fun time, every class is supported by a Virtual Kitchen Assistant. They help you set up your kitchen and your computer for your class when you check in, and assists you throughout the class. Your Virtual Kitchen Assistant has been trained on the same recipes you are cooking, and, along with the chef, can answer questions during the class and keep things going smoothly for you. They provide technical assistance should you need it.

We’re all about authenticity and quality.

Our chefs are experts. And our U.S.-based test kitchen develops each recipe to work with the ingredients we source and works with our global chefs to adapt their menus for American home cooking. Your recipes will be in U.S. measurements with clear directions so that you can recreate your favorite dishes time and again. We source specialty ingredients from all over the world.

We believe food should be shared.

Our classes and recipes create meals with generous servings for two people. Classes are ideal for singles and couples, and you can even add on a second set of ingredients to serve two more people. By making our classes small and interactive, you can get to know the other home cooks or share the day with friends and family in other locations. Our classes are never more than 20 connected kitchens, so your chef has time to give you individualized attention and to share their tricks.

Have questions? Read How It Works, check our FAQs and don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance in reserving your class.