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Hawaii’s Choice – Li Hing Mui Candy, since the early 1900s, Li Hing Mui has been Hawaii’s Choice snack of the locals. Originally known as Valiente’s Li Hing Candy since 2004, our mouthwatering Li Hing candy remains as “Hawaii’s Choice” flavor throughout the islands.

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About Hawaii’s Choice – Local Favorite Li Hing Mui CandyPlum CandyHawaii’s Choice Li Hing Sour Plumcandy is great for those who prefer flavorful hardcandy and a popular favorite around the world.ORDER NOWMouthwatering Li Hing Mango tablets

Originally Valiente’s Li Hing Plum Candy

In the early 1900’s, an Asian immigrant brought dried preserved plums from mainland China while traveling to the island of Hawaii. Li Hing Mui became Hawaii’s Choice (TM) local snack for generations to come.

The name “Li Hing” means “traveling” while “Mui” means “plum”, hence the name “Li Hing Mui” to describe the tasty treat from the Orient.

Hawaii’s Choice takes the sweet salty Li Hing plum powder compressed into a tasty mouthwatering tablet, similar to a sweet tart. Original known as “Valiente’s(TM)” candy, our rebranding recognizes the local favorite taste of Li Hing as one of Hawaii’s best snacks over generations.

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