Ayurveda Inspired Soap with Butter of Triphala.

– 100% Natural Hemp & Herbs Soap.

Our Hemp & Herbs Soap is handmade & contains only natural ingredients,

– If you struggle with eczema or acne, you will benefit from the vitamins & fatty acids that those oils bring to your skin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, & renewing effects support your journey towards healthy skin.

About Us

Welcome to Santhigram

Customer-oriented. Industry-leading. Cutting-edge: The Santhigram Herbals formula.

A traditional wellness brand with a modern twist, our goal is simple; To bring the globe’s leading therapies to the forefront, promoting healing, relaxation, and wellbeing. A contemporary take on tried-and-tested Ayurveda principles, we curate state-of-the-art products, making authentic supplements affordable and accessible to the masses. Your health? Our priority.

Deriving from Kerala, India, Ayurveda therapies stem from an exclusive medicinal system, previously only accessible through sought-after resorts. A generational treasure, Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest forms of holistic medicine, taking preventative routes as opposed to reactive treatments. Striking an optimal balance between a range of wellness-enhancing principles, our online health hub represents the space where your health remains paramount.

Meeting the golden trio of holistic wellness; research-driven, FDA-approved, and packed with health-boosting properties, our premium blend of ingredients paves the way to products brimming with consumer benefits. Formulated by specialists, our products have been meticulously crafted to align the mind, body, and soul, laser-targeting all aspects of your wellbeing. Powerful formulas with impactful results.

A clash of two worlds, where ancient customs meet modern medicine, each product is designed to meet unrivaled quality ideals, tested to ensure that only premium products land in our corner of the internet. With each ingredient hosting a multitude of benefits, our products work hand-in-hand with a range of ailments, from pain-relieving hemp oil to immune-boosting turmeric curcumin, among much more.

A customer-oriented company, we take pride in your journey. The result? A world-class collection, where our clients’ needs are nurtured, and each product adheres to a selection of stringent standards. From the moment you tap ‘Add to Cart’ to your box of goodies landing on your doorstep, we aim to maintain a seamless A-to-B, with a team of friendly specialists always a click away. Santhigram Herbals: Where you come first.








  • Virgin Coconut Oil – smoothes skin & hydrates
  • Palm Oil – protection & anti-aging
  • Sativa Hemp Seed Oil – anti-inflammatory & calming
  • Kokum Butter – treats acne & nurtures
  • Soybean Oil – strengthens the skin’s barrier
  • Rice bran Oil – cleans & soothes
  • Triphala Butter – flexibility & elasticity
  • Neem Seed Oil – fights Dryness & treats acne
  • Holy Basil Oil – antibacterial & preventing blackheads
  • Spirulina Powder – removes toxins & free radicals

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