Monaco Cocktails – Base Line: Monaco’s base cocktail line offers diverse flavors featuring a variety of liquors including Vodka, Tequila and Cognac. You can choose from ten different flavors such as the NEW Watermelon Crush, Sun Crush, Citrus Rush, Tropic Rush, Blue Crush, Lime Crush, Cranberry, Black Raspberry, Mango Peach and Purple Crush.

Monaco Hard Lemonades: As a brand that’s traditionally known for its canned cocktails, this latest innovation marks Monaco Cocktails’ entrance into the hard lemonade category. Monaco Hard Lemonades disrupt the market and existing products in the space by offering two shots of vodka in every can and 9% ABV, creating the ultimate party drink by combining the delicious flavors of juicy peaches and refreshing lemonade, with a crisp, clean finish. Each can is also gluten and malt-free, using only real spirits.





We’ve all had that special bartender that we keep going back to who makes our drink exactly how we want them made. We wait that extra time just to make sure they’re the ones that pour it exactly how we like it. We even tip them a little extra to let them know what a great job they’re doing and make sure they remember us next time.
This right here is genesis of Monaco Cocktails, because not all drinks in a can or bottle are created equal either. We have gone the extra mile with our quality ingredients and cocktail portioning to make sure we are delivering your next favorite drink without the wait, no extra tip needed. We’ve been bringing the party to your hands since 2012 and we aren’t going anywhere. The party is waiting.



You’ve been sitting on the porch, craving a cold lemonade ever since you drove by the neighborhood lemonade stand. It’s a throwback to our childhoods and makes for one refreshing sip when the sun is beating down. The kicker, now we’re adults and can enjoy it with a major twist.
Say hello to the latest from Monaco, Monaco Hard Lemonades, a new line of electric lemonades. The simple, timeless combination of lemon and vodka creates the ultimate refreshing cocktail during these dog days of summer.




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