Feeding a Crowd Made Easy
Whether it’s an annual get-together with friends, a family meal or a last-minute meet-up,
having Atoria’s flatbreads in your fridge or freezer makes it easy to wow
with a variety of dishes.
Something for Everyone
Pillowy Naan is an elevated alternative to sliced bread; thin Lavash is the perfect bite of bread, and individual pizza crusts will make people say: “home is where the pizza is.”
Real Bread, Simple Ingredients
All of the bread from Atoria’s Family Bakery is baked with simple non-GMO ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Endless brunch-abilities!



We believe traditional bread making takes time, patience and expertise. That’s why we bake ours the same way our own family did centuries ago.

We believe in eating real. Each and every flatbread is baked in our Gilroy, California bakery with simple, wholesome ingredients, and we never use artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

We strive to make as minimal an impact on the earth as we can. That’s why our packaging is recyclable, reusable or made from recycled materials.

The bread bags are #7 recyclable (mixed plastic). Most curbside programs don’t accept these, but you can recycle them at most grocery stores or reuse them around your house (they make great sandwich bags!).

Any insulation is made with up to 40% recycled content and is #4 recyclable in many curbside programs. Our shipping boxes are made from post-consumer waste and is recyclable in all curbside programs. We pay to offset carbon for the shipping, partnering with carbonfund.org, a third-party validated service that’s verified to the highest standards.



We believe kids should have access to good, real food. So we work with healthy lunch advocates and supply flatbreads to some of the largest school districts in California.

We believe in taking care of our community. Every bake day, we bag and deliver bread to local organizations that feed the hungry, and each week neighboring farmers take our not-quite-perfect products to feed their animals.


As a child growing up in the Assyrian villages near Mesopotamia, Atoria used to watch her mother and grandmother bake flatbread using their family recipe and a rustic hearth oven.

Unable to find similar bread in America, Atoria started making her own and it wasn’t long before a dream took shape: to bake and share her family recipe for the authentic bread of her youth with people in her new home country. And Atoria’s Family Bakery was born. Atoria and her children worked hard to make this dream a reality, and thirty years later, it’s the next generation—Atoria’s grandchildren—who are working to bring her recipes to a broader audience. This is still the bread of Atoria’s home and her youth, the bread of family and of celebrations and of happy memories.

More About Us

We are proud to be family-owned and operated. We use quality ingredients and traditional baking methods. We bake real bread with simple, non-GMO ingredients and never use artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. We don’t have time to take shortcuts and we never will.

Thanks to Atoria, bread means everything. It’s our passion. It’s our joy. And it’s our family tradition.


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