This 2023 Product of the Year award-winning wellness device represents Sanofi’s first steps into drug free solutions. It promotes healthy movement using a unique technology that works with your body’s natural recovery process, increases your body’s blood flow and lasts five days. Flexi-Motion encourages consumers to Move their Aspercreme, further expanding the
brand into mobility solutions.


Drug-free solution designed to increase circulation to your back to promote healthy, comfortable movements.

Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ Patch for Back is designed to be breathable and flexible and to help promote comfortable movement. The patch contains bio-ceramic particles to increase blood flow and oxygen circulation to your back. Learn how it works.

The Aspercreme Flexi-Motion™ Back Patch is designed with a skin-friendly adhesive and breathable materials for comfortable wear. The patch stays on for up to five consecutive days and is designed with water-resistant materials — it will even stay on in the shower!

Non-medicated patch

Ultra thin

Fragrance free

Available in four shapes

Water resistant

Comfortable to wear



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