~Caramel Apple Popovers!

Isn’t Fall the BEST time of the year???  C’mon..even if you love Summer, blistering heat and errr..sweat, you must admit there’s something so comforting about Autumn and all of the delicious, cozy and chilly things that go along with it!

Such as…cool breezes, cute boots, and sticky Caramel & Apples!

How lucky are we that the best time of the year for food happens to be the best time of the year for Holiday entertaining?!  And with all that entertaining it’s nice to have some super simple, yet super impressive desserts that we can whip up, while we’re busy making the house look like no one lives in it..lol!

You will have everyone in dessert heaven when you bring these five star Popovers to the table!  The fluffy and tender Crescents hug all of the caramelly, warm & sticky Apples, totally snuggling them with deliciousness!

Ohhh yeahh!  :)

WARNING:  You may have a temporary moment of guilt because these are SOO easy to whip up, but don’t worry..no one ever has to know that you didn’t work all day in the kitchen!

Shhh..it’ll be our little secret!  :)

If necessary, you could always do the old “flour on the face” trick..lol!  ;)

However, if your guilt should happen to last more than 3 minutes, find a quiet corner and take a big, sweet bite of one of these Popovers…

..instant happiness!!

What you’ll need for 4 ooey-gooey Popovers (feel free to double accordingly for more of them):

1 container of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Approx. 1 Cup of Apple pie Filling

Approx. 1 Cup of Caramel Sauce

Powdered Sugar for dusting

A Popover Pan  *A Cupcake Pan will work as well, however they might not get quite as tall..still yummy though! :)


Open up the Crescents, and separate them into 4 pieces.  That means keeping two Crescents together by pinching the seams closed.  This will make 4 individual Crescents..kind of square shaped!

Smear the dough with a layer of the Caramel Sauce, and a nice scoop of the Apple Pie Filling (a couple of tablespoons).

I started by using one Crescent, but quickly sealed them back together! It takes two Crescents sealed together, to get that nice, tall Popover experience…

Roll each Popover up, kind of sealing the bottom and placing them open side up, down inside of the Popover Pan.  Just plop them in there..as they bake they all take on their own pretty shapes.

Bake them at 350 for about 12-15 minutes, until they’ve “popped over’ and turned golden…

Let them cool…just slightly!

Run a knife around the edges to release them and drizzle them with some extra Caramel Sauce!  Why??  Because you can!  :)

And if you want even more Caramel, GO FOR IT…

Take a nice close look at those beauties, they won’t last long!

Then, serve those sticky babies up…

Slide your fork through that sticky and tender Caramel Apple Popover…

Prepare for extreme deliciousness In. Your. Mouth!  ~Enjoy!  :)




  1. where can i buy a popover pan

    • I wonder if Bed Bath and Beyond carries popover pans, or a Wms. Sonoma?

      • Williams Sonoma carries them $20.00, Costplus World Market also has them $8.00! :)

    • I think you can go anywhere that sells bake pans…Walmart, Christmas Tree shop, Target, etc.

  2. It’s a good thing I have a popover pan on the way from Amazon. My husband and toddler who love all things apple will just adore these. First time visiting your blog – can’t wait to check out all your recipes. :)

  3. Thanks for the idea! I just made these with a cinnamon cream cheese filling and sprinkled with cinnamon powdered sugar! Woohoooo! Yummy! Hmmm, maybe a butter cinnamon glaze next time…

    • OMGosh..those sound incredible!! Feel free to post a pic on my facebook page, fans would LOVE those! :)

  4. I totally have to make these… Need a popover pan first!
    What size would you recommend? A regular size or a mini popover pan?

    • I’ve only used the regular size, for the mini you may need to adjust the amounts. A Cupcake/Muffin pan will work as well! :)

  5. I like them because they seem easy enough for my 8 year old to make as well. With supervision of course.

  6. A muffin pan for large muffins will work just as well as a popover pan. I make plain popovers in my large muffin pan, and they are perfect!

  7. how do I get the recipe for those carmel pop overs, I click on the pic but nothing comes up?

    • It’s on the front page of the blog..scroll down a bit1 :)

  8. I have made these wonderful popovers with the apple but have also made them with peach pie filling and still used the caramel sauce and they were good also.

  9. Made these today. I added a little apple pie seasoning and a small pat of butter in the bottom of the popover pan (melted)

  10. really good.

  11. Wow you would be a great saleswoman! After reading that and the drool-inducing pictures I have no option but to make these…tonight! I’m just lucky enough to have all the ingredients. Thanks!

  12. These looks so good! Stopping by tomorrow at World Market for the popover pan.Thanks!

  13. Making them for bible study. Looks soooo good and easy. Thank You I’m following your site from now on. Thanks again. I can’t wait !!!!

  14. all I get is back to this page….no recipe, no matter what I click on…..

  15. The taste of these was very good. I had my 9 year old daughter make them for Sunday Dessert. She didn’t bake them quite long enough so they were a bit doughy. Also, we used a cupcake pan; and using the two triangles together was a bit much. I think we will try again using only one triangle, making them a bit of a bite size treat. My husband really liked them and wanted us to make them again only using cherry pie filling. Thanks for the great idea!

  16. Looks yummy. Since apples are in season right now what would be a good way to incorporate fresh apples into the recipe? I’m not a huge fan of sugar loaded pie filings. Thanks in advance.

  17. OMG these look soooooo good!

  18. I’ve been doing a bit of “research” and baking of popovers recntly for what I’m calling The Popover Experiment. I found a “savory” popover recipe (which also uses Crescent Rolls!) and I’m hoping to include this dessert recipe as well.. Of course, if I do, I’ll also post a link to this page. These look sooo good !!

    • Awesome…thank you! :)

  19. One of your first photos shows only one Crescent with filling being applied. You said that it takes two sealed together to make a “square.” ?

    • Yes…read above the photo where I explain that I started with one, but realized that it took two crescents in order to get that height to the dough. :)



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