~Cinnamon Rolls In Cones!

Guess what??  You don’t need a plate, a fork, or even a place to sit down in order to enjoy your gooey warm Cinnamon Rolls anymore!  It’s Tah-Ruue!  Now you can go about your business and/or become the life of any party with these super fun and easy Cinnamon Roll filled Cones.  What a delicious conversation starter!  :)

Although, I’m not quite sure if I heard about this idea in real life or if it was the hungry voices inside my own head.  Eh..whatever, it doesn’t matter because now they’re here, they’re real, and they’re spectacular..LOL!  I just love it when 2 great things can come together to make an even GREATER thing!

Just imagine the extreme possibilities of fun that these Cinnamon Roll Cones will offer to any birthday party, casual get-together, or simply some sweet, fork-free snackin’ around the TV!

How great is a warm, sticky, ooey-gooey Cinnamon Roll nestled inside a crispy, toasted cone?!  No fork or plate necessary, and not a messy hand in sight!

~Yes, please!  :)

What you’ll need:

1 Roll of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Flat Bottom Ice Cream Cones..one per each Roll!

Some Spice Cake Mix (optional)

1 cup Caramel Sauce (not shown)

A muffin/cupcake baking tin


Open the Cinnamon Rolls.

Get the Cones ready to be topped!

Drizzle a swirl of Caramel Sauce around the inside of the wall of the cone.

OPTIONAL STEP>>> If you don’t want to have a hollow Cone, simply pour some Spice Cake batter (or fill them with anything you can think of) inside of them, just about 1/4 of the way. 

Gently place one Roll nice-n-snug into the top of the each Cone.

Make sure to carefully tuck in the edges of the Roll inside the Cone rim…


Place them inside the cupcake tin, carefully get them into the oven without them tipping over..lol!  Bake them at 350 for about 12-ish minutes, or until they’re golden, puffed and firm.

 Drizzle them with the included Cinnamon Roll Frosting…

Gather some hungry people and share..you can do it!

Take a big, warm, ooey-gooey Cinnamon Roll Cone bite!  ~Enjoy!  :)


  1. Gonna try this.

  2. Love this idea

  3. I do miss cinnamon rolls in a can :) nothing like this in Australia. If I make it I’ve got to make the cinnamon roll dough first. great idea!

    • Muahahahaaa! :)

  4. i never could keep them from tipping over. gotta find a better way to keep them steady.
    great idea though

    • Someone suggested using foil in the bottom of the cupcake pan to keep them steady! Wish I would have known..LOL! :)

    • You could put a dollop of frosting on the bottom of the cone to keep them upright. I wondered the same thing because they are surely top heavy.

      • Frosting might work, however it could melt during the baking process and make the cones gooey? A dolllop of cake batter will do the trick, however I kept mine hollow and just made sure that hungry hands were available to eat them up right away! ;)

  5. I can’t wait to make these for my son’s Christmas Brunch next week at school. :o)

  6. These were a hit at my son’s school Holiday Party. I actually bought the cinnamon roll bites and stuffed them into the bottom of the cones, trying to weight them down after reading the comments.

  7. Jen, I was thinking the same thing…about stuffing another part of a roll inside. First for weight and secondly, to prevent the hollowness. Will try these soon!

  8. I just made them. What you need to do when you bake with ice cream cones is you a roasting pan covered in Aluminum foil. Then you cut a hole where you stick the cone it. The foil keeps the cones upright. I did not use the cake batter so the centers of my cinnamon rolls fell. So I didnt get the pretty look of the pictures. Not sure how to remedy that.

    • Hmmm…I didn’t use the batter either..just stuck the roll in and baked them. Maybe your cones weren’t as sturdy?



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