~Cranberry & Cream Cheese Spiral!

Congrats to you!  You are in the process of seeing first hand, the very BEST, most impressive and delicious dessert, that 4 simple ingredients will EVER get you..like EVER!  Not only is this table topping, show stopping vision of deliciousness totally gorgeous, but it backs up its beauty with over-the-top flavor and one-of-a-kind WOW factor!


Just think of this as a Cheesecake Danish, but with every bite being that one prized “middle bite”!

There isn’t one dry, bready bite in this bunch! The ratio of flavor favorites is epic with each and every fork full!

What you’ll need for one large, show stopping Spiral!

1 can of Pillsbury Seamless Dough Sheet

approx. 3/4 can of Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce (OR any Fruit Pie Filling will work)

8 oz. Cream Cheese

1/4 cup Sugar

8″ round cake pan


In a medium bowl mix the Cream Cheese and the Sugar together, blending well…set aside.

Unroll the Dough Sheet and roll it out to make it even..

Smear the Dough with the Cream Cheese and Sugar mixture in an even layer…

Top that with the Cranberry Sauce, and slice it lengthwise into 1″ strips…

Roll up one strip and place it in the middle of the cake pan.  Wrap each strip around that one evenly, until all the strips are gone and you have a spiral…

Bake it at 350 degrees for approx. 25 minutes, or until it’s firm and golden…

Let it cool before removing it from the pan…

Slice a pretty, spiral wedge…

And serve it up…

Grab your bite..of course!  ~Enjoy!  :)



  1. Going Green this week. Going to make this next Sunday morning!

  2. Can I use regular homemade sweet dough instead? I’ve never found the seamless dough in any stores around here.

    • I’m sure that would be awesome! :)

    • You can buy the regular crescent rolls (the large package) and just take the dough out of the tube in one piece. Unroll the dough and smoosh the perforations together with your fingers to make it into a “seamless” piece of dough.

      • Yep, you sure can! :)

  3. I absolutely love your blog, Amy. Definitely check mine out if you can, i’d love some pointers on cooking or just comments in general! :)

    • Awe..thanks Katie! I’m heading over to yours now! :)

  4. could you roll it up and then slice them for cookies? my grand daughter wants strawberry cookies and this might work

    • YES..that is a GREAT idea!! :)

  5. That looks sooo good and appears to be pretty simple to make. I will be trying this very soon!!!

  6. Made this the other day and got a ton of compliments. I had a hard time moving the strips, had to have my daughter help me :) I’m thinking it might be easier to manage if I cut the strips width wise next time, so they’re smaller and easier to handle. But otherwise very easy and tasty!

  7. I think some orange zest added to the cranberry would add another delicious layer of flavor. Wonder if you could roll this cinnamon roll style like a log and cut into individual pieces…

  8. Do you need to grease the pan or not? I want to try this for Christmas!

    • It wouldn’t hurt~ Merry Christmas!! :)

  9. This is NOT a printer friendly page. numerous pages with large pictures.

    • You can click the box at the top that says “remove images”. You can also delete sections of unnecessary text. Hope that helps. :)


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