~Boston Cream Doughnut Holes!

I’m so in love with anything and everything Boston Cream!  Chocolate & Cream is a winning combo that gets to me every time!  In fact, I love it so much, I was forced to create my own version of portion control by turning that combo into little pop-in-your-mouth one biters!  Creamy & Chocolaty becomes one with a warm, flaky Doughnut..Ohh help me!

Who am I kidding, what started out as “portion control”, ended up being an irresistibly super cute, super delicious, too easy to over-eat treat..oh well, I tried! :)

It’s a good thing that small goodies have no calories..and as a bonus, if no one sees us eat them they are as good as diet food!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..lol!  ;)

I dare you to try just eating just one of these pint sized, flavor packed, chocolaty, creamy little Doughnut Holes..It’s. Not. Possible!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes..Good luck! :)

What you’ll need for 32 Boston Cream Doughnut Holes:

1 Container of Pillsbury grands Flaky layers biscuits

1 Box JELLO instant Vanilla Pudding (OR you can make your own Pastry Cream)

Chocolate Almond Bark..(1/2 Cup when melted)

Oil for frying


Cut each biscuit into four pieces and roll each piece into a ball..

Fry them up in batches of 4, making sure to turn them so they fry evenly…

Make the Vanilla Pudding according to the instructions..set aside.

Melt the Chocolate according to the product instructions..set aside.

Fill them with some of the Vanilla Pudding/Pastry Cream, and then drizzle them with some of the melted Chocolate…

Let them set up for a few minutes (feels like hours)…

There are plenty to go around…

So tell everyone that they can come and grab some..go on..go!  :)

Be nice and share..it's the right thing to do! ;)

Make sure and get yourself a few too…

And go crazy!  ~Enjoy! :)




  1. You go, Amy!…another sinful creation…<3 I'm thinking of using a pudding-filled pastry bag to fill the donut holes?

  2. What temperature should the oil be set to?

    • I always fry at 350 or 360! :)

  3. Just made these this afternoon and the are grandson approved! Hubby and myself as well, one word to describe YUMMY! And super easy to make. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. I made these tonight. I used ready-made chocolate frosting instead of melting chocolate. They are delicious! and SO easy to make. Thanks!

  5. Oh My GOODNESS! Sweet girl……..there are lines of people signing up for Weight Watchers at this very moment because of the sinful treats on your site- I was first lured over by a PIN for you Snikerdoodle pastries…………and now these- Monday morniing I will get the “Bestest Secretary Ever” AWARD when I walk in with these bad boyz! Keep up the great work- UR site is Yum and your photography of your goodies is awesome- really makes your mouth water!

    • Aww..thank you so much!! SO happy you enjoy it! :)

  6. Wow, these look amazing. My boyfriend is a diabetic, and was just saying how much his missed Boston Creme Doughnuts. So I will do a light version if possible. Thanks!

  7. I used Sugar Free Boston Cream Pudding and Sugar Free Chocolate Chips and it was really good as well!

  8. What tool do you use to fill the center with pudding?

  9. How do u fill them up with the vanilla cream?

    • For these I just made a small slit and used a spoon to scoop it in there…but a pastry tip would work too. :)

      • I used a zip-lock baggie with one corner cut off to pipe the pudding into the doughnut holes. :-)

  10. looks delish but i think i would just use powdered sugar same way i like my cream puffs. yum

  11. These look delicious. I’m going to make these for my husband. They are his favorite. He’s going to love me and these.

  12. What do you use to fill the donut holes with pudding?

  13. I would never have guessed that these lovely were made with canned biscuits if I didn’t read it for myself! So yummy! I am Pinning these right…now!

  14. Just made these. Easy and Fabulous! I used a condiment squeeze bottle to insert the pudding in these and it worked great! I mixed the pudding mix then used a funnel to pour into the bottle to set. It worked great! Easy clean up too! I will probably be making these for years, thank you for the recipe!

    • Yay~sooo happy you enjoyed them! :)

  15. Like your site except for one thing. Your pictures are SOOOOOO big they take forever to load. That is why I haven’t subscribed.

  16. I love seeing your pictures!

  17. I would like to print out some of your recipes…..not when this one is 15 pages!! Can’t you make it printer friendly?…as in 1 page.

    • Simply check the box at the top of the print/pdf page that says “remove images”..from there you can even click the top of any text paragraphs that you don’t want/need. It will be less than one page! :) Hope that helps!

  18. I can’t wait to make these! Love, love these! Thanks for the shortcut! ????



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