~Cookie Dough Shmear!

I’m going to age myself here by telling you that I’m a product of the 80′s!  And I could totally talk your ear off about how that was the best time to grow up, but I won’t..you’re welcome.

What I will say, is that somehow I survived Lead Paint, road trips where I was comfortably wedged up in the back window (with my sister), and eating every Birthday Dinner in the smoking section.

~And, my childhood belly was always filled with Cookie Dough, smooth, sweet, raw egg filled..’deadly’ Cookie Dough..HAHA!  :)

Times sure have changed, right?!  If I got caught now sneaking some raw cookie dough into my daughter’s mouth, someone would have the State take her away.  Sooo, I fixed that lil’ problem with this “You’ll never know the difference” safe Cookie Dough!  And you will NEVER know the difference..I promise!  You can do whatever you’d like with this stuff..Cake Frosting’s, Pie Filling’s, Cookie Topping’s, Brownie Shmearing’s…and lots of finger Dipping!

~Easy as 1-2-3!!  And no one will come take your kids away! :)

What you’ll need to Shmear LOTS of goodies:  

1/2 cup (1 stick) Butter, softened to room temp.

3/4 cup Brown Sugar

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 1/4 cup Flour

Dash of Salt

4 tbsp. Milk (may not need all of it)

1 cup Mini Chocolate Chips


With a mixer, cream together the Butter and Sugar at medium speed.  Add the Vanilla and beat well.  Add the Salt and Flour in stages as you mix until combined.  Add in the Milk gradually until desired consistency s reached and beat until fluffy.

Gently fold in the Chocolate Chips with a spoon…

Start Shmearing, and by “Shmearing” I mean stick your finger in it & eat it, gosh darn it!  ~Enjoy!  :)  **Store it in the fridge~!


  1. I agree…for the longest time I had the fond memory of laying in the back floorboard of the car on the way home from my grandparents, the windows in the car down and listening to the baseball game on the radio, all nice and cozy and sleepy…realized years later it was probably caused by the carbon monoxide from the old car!

    Can’t wait to give these a try

  2. Oh my! Think I am gonna off my diet for this one!

  3. Love your recipes

    • Thanks SO much Wanda! :)

  4. Definitely have to try this recipe. My family will love it.

  5. Just wondering why you call for butter when you use margarine?

    • Cause I’m crazy like that..lol! ;)

    • Margarine is just a chemical concoction that is totally unhealthy for your body. Butter is all natural and is pure food for your body.

  6. Cookie dough was always a fav on scary movie night with my friends when I was growing up.

  7. Where did the measuring spoons come from in your pic? Very nice…they look like old enamelware.

    • I ordered them on amazon. I saw them on Giada’s show and loved them..lol

  8. Can you use self rising flour?

  9. Hi- This is a funny blog. I have been eating ‘raw’ cookie dough my whole life, and i’m 59. My kids ate it in the 80′s and thereon. When I was a child, we left hamburger on the counter all day to thaw out. Oh well, now I have a craven for cookie dough, hopefully it will pass, or not. lol Blessings Paula

  10. I wish I had found this recipe when I was pregnant! I have tried multiple no egg cookie dough’s and yours by far was the best! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  11. I absolutely adore this recipe! I changed and halved it to tablespoons and it’s as easy as 123. I am only 11 and this is super kid- friendly! If you do not like it as it is you can roll into balls and flatten slightly with a fork, then microwave it on high for approximately 40-50 seconds. (That’s on my microwave but I don’t know about yours.



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