~Krispy Kreme Waffles!

Minimal talking~~Maximum drooling, enjoy these pics, I know you know what to do to get these into your mouths!!  Scroll down for Waffle Porn!

**Happy National Waffle Day America!  xoxo

Getchasome Krispy Kreme Doughnuts/Donuts/Deauxnuts..whatever!  ;)

Insert them into your Waffle Iron…

Smush them gently…warm them through, until slightly golden.

Stack em up…

Even higher..come on now, and add Butter!

Ummm..Syrup too!

All five senses will be exploding with happiness, joy and Rainbows…

Take that tender, sweet, slightly crispy, Donutty, Waffle bite…

Put a fork in it..you’re done! ~Enjoy! :)


  1. Now I will have to buy a waffle iron!

    • yea me too.

  2. Genius

  3. Sometimes I want to have a major tantrum for being celiac………this post is one of those moments! I want to try to make GF copy cake Krispy Kreme so I guess this is the motivation LOL!

  4. Do you heat up the waffle iron?

    • Yes.

  5. Holy crap! That is so clever, and how I love them! I will give this a try. You are so fun!

  6. OMG. KKD are the best. doughnuts. in. the. history. of. the. world. At least the best chain doughnuts. What a marvelous idea! My mouth is so watering. Monday is a day to get a second dozen for less than $3.00 in NC & SC (the day after a Carolina Panthers game). Now I know what to do with a second dozen doughnuts. THANK YOU. BTW, I love your site.

    • Lol! Thank you..enjoy the waffles! :)

  7. This looks good, but calories-wise is atrocious!
    1 KK Glazed doughnut = 200 calories

    So, stack up 6 doughnuts x 200 calories = 1,200 calories


    1 serving of maple syrup (1/4 cup) = 210 calories

    TOTAL: 1,410 calories for breakfast!

    So, maybe just have one doughnut. It’s still indulging. ;)

  8. Oh No! Now I can’t justify passing the KKD display at the grocery store because they aren’t warm! Go home and MAKE them warm!?! You are my hero!

  9. Guess who got a waffle iron for Christmas! Yes, this girl and I have already used it to make cinnamon roll waffles, hash browns and now will be getting me some donuts and trying this!

  10. How did you clean your waffle iron? My plates aren’t removable and the excess glaze becomes a really hard sugar-glass glued to the iron when it cools.



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