At Christmas time, everything around our house is just a little bit extra special!  The dog is all prettied up, every cookie is gorgeous, and the house is ready for family and friends.  Down to the very last detail including our drinks! 
Hot cocoa can be made extra special with just a couple of small touches, and what an amazing difference it makes!  In 5 minutes you can wow everyone with a delicious crisp sugar shelled marshmallow and sweet festive rimmed mug of hot chocolate!  Watch the smiles light up the room as everyone crunches into the warm, melty bruleed marshmallows..good times!

What you’ll need: 
Your favorite Hot Chocolate

Some frosting..for the rim
Some festive colored sugar or sprinkles..for the rim
Sugar for the brulee
A kitchen torch

Prepare your Hot Chocolate as usual
Rim your mug with some frosting and give it a dip into the sugar.
Carefully pour your hot cocoa into the mug..let it cool slightly while you brulee the marshmallows
Dip your marshmallows into the hot cocoa and roll them around in sugar.  On a plate, torch them until they are crispy and bruleed!
Gently set them into your hot cocoa and enjoy!!   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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