Well, “Chobani Week” is coming to an end here at Oh, Bite It..and I thought it would be fun to close it out with a quick and incredible way to jazz up that Vanilla Cup!  And also to remind you that there’s only about one day left to enter for a chance to win the biggest and best delivery ever to ring your doorbell!  Follow the simple steps at the bottom of this post and you could be making all of these amazing treats you’ve seen here this week, and many more too!  🙂

So, just to fill you in real quick.  I’m a major brulee nutcase fan!  I have a serious brulee obsession.  In fact, if you come over to my house and sit still for too long, I’ll probably brulee you…lol!  😉

I’ve done this, and this..oh, and then there were these poor little guys.  So of course, I couldn’t let Chobani Week go by without torching the heck out of it at least once!  In 3 easy steps, you can be treating your spoon like a chisel and cracking through that incredible, dark amber sugar shell.  Then sinking deep into cool, thick & creamy Vanilla Chobani goodness!  Such a fun way to turn your yogurt snack into a 5 star treat!  🙂

What you’ll need:

1 container of Chobani Vanilla Yogurt

1/4 Cup of sugar (I used Raw Sugar for that deep Amber color & flavor..but any sugar will work!)

A kitchen torch


Open a Chobani Vanilla Yogurt

Pour the sugar on the top

Torch the bejeezus out of it, don’t worry if the lip of the cup gets a little burnt..it’s no biggie, there is NO melted plastic or toxic smell of any kind!  However, if you have a large torch, feel free to use a separate dish for the yogurt to spare the cup..haha!  🙂

Let it cool and harden up

Crack through that awesome sugar shell and taste the deliciousness!  ~Enjoy!

And remember to enter to win your own super sized score of assorted Chobani Yogurt!!  Just follow the instructions below:


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4.  Be sure to comment below, so we know you’ve completed your mission!  🙂

This giveaway ends at Midnight on Sunday July 15, 2012.  Winner will be contacted Monday July 16, 2012~  Good Luck!


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