Happy Easter..yay!  So, what do you do when the family has gone home, the kitchen is a mess, and all the kiddos have come down from their sugar high?  You look around and wonder “What the heck do I do with all these Peeps?”..LOL!  Well..here ya go.  Turn those Peeps into S’mores, all you have to do is dip them in chocolate and torch brulee their little heads!  🙂

Peeps mean well and try so hard, all covered up in pretty sugar  and all, but they just always seem to cry out for improvement!  And what do we do with food to make it better?  We either fry it, distract it with chocolate and/or torch it!  Works every time!  In fact, if we could do those things to people, I’m convinced relationships would last forever..lol!  🙂

These jazzed up little guys are actually really good!  They’re just like a traditional S’more, all the way down to their crispy, burnt little faces!  They’re so crunchy, chocolaty and ooey gooey!  I just may have a whole knew love for the Peep!  🙂


What you’ll need:


Chocolate Almond Bark

Graham Cracker Crumbs

A kitchen torch!



Melt the Chocolate (being careful NOT to let it get too hot)

Dip the bottom half of a Peep into the melted chocolate, and roll them around in the Graham Cracker Crumbs.



Let them cool & set up



Torch those poor little guys to give them a S’more -like yumminess and look! It’s fun..haha!




These really are much better this way, poor little things! Make a batch and sink your teeth into a soft, gooey, chocolaty S’Meep! 🙂


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