Happy Labor Day!!  A day for rest, relaxation..and grilling!  Perfect timing too, because it’s Green Chile season here in NM.  Soo it only makes sense to celebrate Labor Day with a  delicious combination of a grilled all-American Cheeseburger & Roasted Hatch Green Chiles!  That’s how we roll around here on the biggest grilling day of the year..lol!  🙂

Following in the footsteps of these  ahh-mazing stuffed Chile Peppers, I wanted to pay tribute to umm..only the BEST burger in the entire world~~The Green Chile Cheeseburger..yep, that’s right!  🙂

These perfectly grilled Cheeseburger Stuffed Chiles are kind of like an inside-out version of New Mexico’s favorite burger, the super melty, juicy & spicy Green Chile Cheeseburger!  Oh, SOOO good!  And it’s hard to believe just how easy these are.  Give them a try and spice up your Grill anytime of year!  You’ll be a hero in your house for sure!  🙂

Don’t have access to Green Chile where you are??  NOT. A. PROB..here ya go!  Head on over to ‘Chile Monster’s facebook page’ OR their website and you can have fresh Hatch Green Chile delivered to your door..yep, it’s true!  They will meet and exceed all of your spicy needs!  🙂

What you’ll need for your own amazing Cheeseburger Stuffed Chiles:

Fresh Green Chiles (2 per person, maybe 3..or 4!)  🙂

Ground Beef or Turkey, seasoned up the way you like!

American Cheese slices for that all-American authenticity, but any cheese would be D-Lish!


Slice the Chiles down one side, and remove the seeds.

Fill them up with your usual seasoned beef ‘burger mixture’ (ground turkey will work too) and top them with classic American Cheese for that authentic all-American burger experience!


Grill them until they’re charred, gooey, and the meat is fully cooked through.  I stuffed the Chiles with some fully cooked burger meat that I had leftover (made it easier)!  But raw meat will work fine too..maybe just let the meat cook inside the Chiles first, and then add the cheese to melt.

Let them char up and get all melty!

Grab a cold one!!

Serve them while they’re super warm, spicy & gooey.  ~Enjoy!  🙂



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