Ahhh, the time has finally come, the “Season” of food, fun, deprived wives and sticky remote controls!  YEP..Football season!  Football: The Official Food Season of my house!  And what screams ‘Football Food’ louder than Bacon?

…NOTHING, that’s what!  🙂

Wrap it, stuff it, twist it, fry it..if it has Bacon it’s Football approved!  These Wings not only qualify, but they take home the win.  Sticky, crispy Chicken Wings, shellacked with a thick, sweet & spicy sauce and held together with shards of Smoky Applewood Bacon literally studded onto the Wings!

Each bite takes you to snack euphoria, your eyes could very well roll back in your head, eat them during commercials so you don’t miss a play..lol!  🙂

Remember a tall stack of napkins..lol

Your line up for hours of finger-lickin’, bacon chompin’, Football watchin’ fun:

 15-20 Chicken Wings

1lb Applewood Smoked Bacon

2 Cups Mussleman’s Apple Butter

1/2 Cup Molasses

1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

1 tbsp. Liquid Smoke

1 Pinch of Ground Ginger

1 Pinch of Garlic Powder

1 Pinch of Cayenne Pepper..to taste!

S&P..to taste

1/2 Cup Water

A LARGE Zipper Bag!

Your play-by-play:  

In a medium bowl combine the Apple Butter, Molasses, Brown Sugar, Liquid Smoke, Water and all the spices.  Mix until smooth and thick…

Chop up the Bacon into approx 1″ pieces…

Add the chopped Bacon and all of the wings into a large zipper baggie, pour 3/4 of the sauce into the bag, seal it..and smush to coat everything evenly.  Reserve the rest of the sauce for basting!

Spread the chicken in an even layer, onto a parchment lined baking sheet, make sure to top them with the Bacon pieces evenly.  Bake them at 400 degrees for at least an hour, or until the wings are dark and cooked through.  Baste them with some of the reserved sauce every 15 minutes and turn them around to keep them evenly cooked.

If you have a skillet..warm it up in the oven and serve them nice & hot!

The sizzling skillet is a show-stopper and the smell alone, will get the attention of even the most distracted husbands…SCORE!

Everyone with huddle around, no tackling aloud…

Plates..optional!  🙂

Now..score BIG with your bite, OKAY..tackle anyone in your way!  ~Enjoy!  🙂


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