If you want to be part of a new trend that is taking the Philippines and the rest of the world by storm, then look no further than the Pacific Rim flavor craze. This was the first item on the Michelin Guide’s list of 5 Food Trends to Look for in 2019, and it is very much indicative of the global passion for flavor fusions, spices and aromatics. Pinoy bagoong is just one flavor-packed ingredient the world is going ga-ga over, but of course, it has long been a staple in the typical Pinoy home. What new trends are growing in popularity in the Philippines itself, and how likely are they to take hold in the rest of the world?


Two Chefs, Four Hands

‘Four hands dinners’ are trending in restaurants like the Peninsula Manila’s signature restaurant, Old Manila. This trend, which is also huge in Spain and Paris, involves two prominent Chefs collaborating to create a special menu for discerning clients. The key is for diners to enjoy the best of two worlds (and the meeting of two very different visions) within the same meal. Watch out for special collaborations at your favorite restaurants by signing up on their social media sites. 


Shared Platters Are More Fun

Establishments like Bar Pintxos Tapas y Mas in Alabang and BGC are testimony to the Filipino passion for shared dining experiences. Tapas, quintessential Spanish treats which are served as individual items in a large tray or platter, are the ideal dish for those wishing to have a light snack and a beer or refreshing glass of white wine. At venues ranging from Picada Tapeo Restaurante to Terry’s Bistro, pintxos, chorizo bites and croquetas are filling many bellies. With many venues offering exclusive dining perks, shared meals are fast becoming even more cheap and cheerful.


Cold Brew For Hot Days

‘Cold Brew’ may be everyone’s favorite order at Starbucks, but they certainly didn’t coin the recipe for this refreshing drink. Currently served at a plethora of restaurants in Manila, including Caravan Black, Type A Cold Brew and Yardstick, the drink is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in room temperature water for up to 12 hours. The result is a thick concentrate that can be mixed with cold water or dairy products. The flavor of cold brew is smooth, non-acidic and very strong: ideal to keep you on form all day in the peak of summer.


Faux Meat Snacks

Faux meat bites will be appealing to diners who are into vegan goodness or simply wish to lower their meat intake. Savory snacks like Garden of Eatin’ Red hot Blues Corn Tortilla Chips, Oishi Potato Fries, and Jack ‘n Jill’s Potato Chips Vcut are big sellers at vegan supermarkets. Moreover, Vegan Beyond Meat Burgers (which look and taste and have the same texture as regular burgers) launched in May, 2019 in Manila. So did vegan cheese brand, Daiya.


Sustainable Foods And Zero Kilometre Cuisine

Business Mirror Philippines sees ‘putting the planet first’ as arguably the biggest trend this year. From foods in eco friendly packaging to restaurants serving zero kilometre (or locally sourced) ingredients, sustainability is becoming a key factor in Pinoys’ choice of food establishment. There is also a new reliance on natural ingredients like CBD (derived from the cannabis plant), used in everything from coffee and chocolate to salad dressings.


Fiilipino cuisine boast a wealth of flavors and embraces influences from many of the world’s most famed culinary traditions. However, in addition to flavor and texture, Pinoy diners are seeking healthier, more sustainable foods when they dine out. Sharing food with others, opting for dishes made with local and regional ingredients, and opting for vegan treats are just a few way to pay respect to the planet and have a great night out while you’re at it!

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