Eating Out In Style In An Alfresco Dining Room

Dining alfresco is one of the great joys of summer, and, after a garden makeover, over 50% of homeowners spend more time entertaining outside. If you love cooking and hosting dinner parties, making the most of your outdoor space gives you even more reason to invite friends and family round to share delicious meals out in the open. You don’t need to undertake an ambitious landscaping project to enjoy an outdoor dining room. With just a few simple additions to your garden, you can create a comfortable and inviting space where you and your guests can appreciate good food in a welcoming atmosphere. Even on your own, sitting out on the patio with a cold drink and a big bowl of chips and guacamole becomes an occasion to savor.

Shade And Definition

To create a comfortable outdoor dining area where you can enjoy eating out at any time of day, you’ll need to think about providing shade. In a south facing yard, shelter from the sun is essential in order to relax and stay cool while eating. For a flexible solution, retractable awnings provide shade during the day, while still allowing you to dine under the stars in the evening. Within a larger garden, an awning also helps to define the area of your outdoor room, creating an inviting environment and a more intimate space for entertaining.

Dressing The Table

Even in a small backyard, you can dedicate a corner to a small table and chairs to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating outdoors. However, if, like many homeowners, you have more space outside than in your home, you can accommodate a large dining table for entertaining. Even though you’re eating outdoors, you can still enjoy creating summer tablescapes on which to show off your culinary creations. This helps recreate the feel of a restaurant without having to leave home, and makes every meal outside feel like a special occasion.

Create A Warm Glow

When cooking and eating outdoors, locating your outdoor dining area close to the kitchen will allow for easy access to food and tableware. However, with an outdoor grill and storage for utensils, you can create a self-contained kitchen anywhere in the garden. A grill or a firepit becomes a focal point, especially as the evening draws in. If your guests start to feel the cold, put some Fuego Fire Dogs on the grill to warm them up. Hot chorizo, chile and jalapeno slices all contribute to the fiery heat of these spicy hot dogs. As it gets darker, you can extend the use of your dining room into the night with candles in lanterns or strings of solar lights. These not only safely illuminate the area, but also create a relaxing and inviting ambience.

Food always seems to taste better eaten outdoors, and, in an inviting outdoor setting, your guests can relax and focus on savoring delicious meals and snacks. By making the best of your outdoor space and creating an area designated for dining and entertaining, you can enjoy sharing your meals with friends and family throughout the summer.

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