I hope you’re all happy??!!  Look at  what you’ve done?!  These recipes gave their all, they sacrificed, they got make-overs and tried to look their best!  And for what?  An unhealthy one-sided love that left them feeling empty inside, that’s what!  Why…????  Whhhy???

Maybe they were too nice..too sweet..too easy?

Oh well..hopefully here they will find the love they’ve been looking for, someone, somewhere will see them and give them a good home on the internet, where they can be seen and liked and shared, and have their moment in the spotlight?  If not~ that’s fine…that’s JUST FINE!  🙂

Enjoy this round-up of recipes that just didn’t get as much love as they should have!   LOL!  🙂

#1.  Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts!  What in the world did they ever do to you??  HUH??!


#2.  PB&J Monte Cristo!  They might be a bit plump, but that’s ok, more to love!


#3.  Bourbon & Butter Toffee Apples!  Even alcohol couldn’t make you love them??  Really?


#4.  Peanut Butter Pop Tarts Chesecake!  They may have wanted to hang out until the morning…so what.  😉


#5.  Sour cream & Onion Potato Chip Jalapeño Poppers!  These are just too hot for you aren’t’ they…you can’t handle them can you..lol!


#6.  Ginger Snap Cheesecake!  They’ve already found someone else…don’t call them!  😉


#7.  Buffalo Fried Shrimp!  These are actually JUMBO Shrimp…they don’t like to brag, your loss!

~Hope you giggled!!  xoxoxo  Love you guys!

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